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Meowy & Bright 2020

A Note From Our Founder...

As the holiday season comes into full swing and 2020 comes to an end, I hope you have an opportunity to safely connect with family and friends.  This year I am learning to pause and enjoy the little things.  


Oyster and Outdoor Kitty help keep me smiling.  Fitting into their daily routine as I adjust to working from home is entertaining.  Oyster learned how to open doors that were partially closed and slowly found the courage to step into the room I turned into an office.  It is a friendly competition with my husband to see who has Oyster’s help through the work day.  Outdoor Kitty learned that I’m not too good with routines and often finds her breakfast being delivered around lunch time.  She lets me know her complaints about receiving brunch and I ask her forgiveness with extra treats for dinner.  Although I face a new way of living, Oyster and Outdoor Kitty provide me with stability and joy.


Outdoor cats on Chincoteague Island offer support and love for the people that care for them.  That is why CICC’s mission to establish a sustainable cat program with community support means so much to me.  This year, our June TNR Weekend Clinic was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic; however, CICC was able to help a total of 54 cats and kittens with TNR, rabies revaccination and transport to rescues/shelters for adoption this summer.  This fall, we held our November TNR Weekend Clinic resulting in help for over 100 cats and kittens.  


Now I am excited to share with you CICC’s first fundraising event as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  Our Holiday Giving Campaign - Meowy & Bright begins on Giving Tuesday, December 1st at 8 AM ET.  With your support, monetary donations made on December 1st through our Facebook (FB) donation link may be matched by FB (FB Giving Tuesday Donation Match Details).  The funds you give will go towards helping CICC caregivers sustain their colony of cats. 


Meowy & Bright virtual auction kicks off Friday, December 4th at Noon ET through Sunday, December 13th at Noon ET.  Thanks to the generosity of several CICC supporters, we will be auctioning off a variety of handmade goods and unique items.  What a great opportunity to find a special gift for your loved ones AND help Chincoteague Island cats!


Thank you for spending your time reading my 2020 story and learning more about Chincoteague Island Community Cats Holiday Giving Campaign.  I am so grateful for your support and overwhelmed by the positive impact we are making together to improve the lives of Chincoteague Island cats. 

Please help volunteer – donate – communicate.  


Explore our website for more information about our nonprofit 501(c)(3) mission and opportunities to volunteer – donate - communicate.  Happy Holidays!



Julie A. Brommer

President & Founder

'Tis the Season...

To support Chincoteague Island's community cat population, we will be hosting our holiday giving campaign - Meowy & Bright. Festivities kick off on Tuesday, December 1st with a virtual fundraiser.


THANK YOU!  CICC's first Giving Tuesday was a big success!  Thanks to you our Facebook group and page registered over $1,500 in donations!

#GivingTuesday is a global movement that inspires people to do good and celebrate generosity. 

Virtual Auction

In addition to #GivingTuesday, we will be hosting a virtual auction! Bidding will start on December 4th at noon ET and last until December 13th at noon ET. 

Thanks to the generosity of several CICC supporters, we will be auctioning off a variety of unique handmade goods and unique items- making this a great opportunity to find holiday gifts for your loved ones AND helping Chincoteague Island cats. 

For more information about the Meowy & Bright virtual auction on our Facebook page click here

Thank you for choosing to support CICC this holiday season!

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