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About Us

Board of Directors

Julie A. Brommer,  President

Monique Roske, Treasurer 

Diane Lando, Secretary

Marcus Lemasters, Board Member

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Our Objectives
A Message From the Founder
















     I knew about the wild ponies of Assateague.  I never knew about the Chincoteague cats until my first visit to the island.

     The cats have a wild way about them similar to the ponies.  If you pause and look, you will usually see a cat.  Unlike the ponies, the cat population appears to be growing causing challenges for both people and cats.

     I want to improve both people and cats' lives.  I can’t do it alone.  It will take an island… and you. 

     Please support CI Community Cats.  Together we can help them all.


Sincerely, Julie A. Brommer

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The specific objectives and purpose of Chincoteague Island Community Cats shall be:

  • To provide opportunities for the community to aid in establishing a sustainable cat program for island cats;

  • To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote compassionate solutions for island cats;

  • To provide guidance and instruction for the community to engage, organize, fund and facilitate Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) events for island cats;

  • To partner with island cat colony caregivers and monitor colony status;

  • To provide education about community cats and best practices for cat care.

Oyster's Story

    I was found alone on the side of Main Street.  I was young maybe 3 ½ weeks old.  I was nurtured back to health by a dedicated cat caretaker.  She fed me, provided medicine and a safe place to grow stronger with other kittens & a surrogate cat mom.

    I met a couple from PA not long after I was found.  They decided to adopt me.  When I was old enough, we traveled to PA.  As a family, we visit the island often.  I really enjoy bird watching from the porch.

    I have a lot of Chincoteague Pals running around the island.  Would you please help give my cat pals a hopeful story like mine?



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